In this Jasper Art review, I will cover all your questions about this revolutionary image-generating software using the power of AI.

Have you ever needed to find an image for a blog post, social media post, marketing email, or even an ad? You look up “free images” on Google and get the same handful of stock image sites that everyone else uses…

You pick an image, download it, and place it into your content. Done!

Except… it’s a stock image. It looks like a stock image. There are hundreds if not thousands of other people using that stock image. Your site doesn’t stand out from the rest. Pretty boring, huh?

What if you could simply describe the image you wanted for your content and within 5 seconds a robot went and generated several images for you automatically? And, what if those images were completely original? Sound too good to be true?

Well, that’s no longer a fantasy thanks to Jasper Art.

Jasper is a robot that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to magically produce words so you can use him as your copywriting assistant for blog posts, ad copy, emails, and a lot more.

And now… he just became an artist with the ability to generate mind-blowing images that are completely original and royalty-free.

Jasper Art Painter Bob Ross Meme

So, you can use Jasper to help you write all your content AND now generate images to pair with that content. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Jasper Art Review Overview

Overall, Jasper Art is a great solution for those who need to generate high-quality images but don’t have the time to create them or hire someone.

Jasper Art creates completely original, royalty-free images from a simple text input using the power of AI and machine learning. Anything you can imagine, Jasper can create it.

Ease of Use

You can generate original images in three easy steps.


Several input types allow you to create any image you want.


The quality of the images is very good for most use cases.


Thriving, active FB community to engage & learn from.


Pricing provides great value with unlimited generated images.


Excellent customer support in case you need any help.

Overall Rating:

4.8 / 5

Jasper Art Pros

  • Best AI Image Tool on Market
  • Images are Completely Original
  • Can Create Any Type of Image
  • Fast Image Generation (5 Seconds)
  • Tons of Use Cases
  • Very Active Facebook Community
  • Excellent Customer Support

Jasper Art Cons

  • Faces Sometimes Look Distorted
  • Body Extremities Need Refining
  • Need to be Careful on Copyright

Starts at $20/user/month

Reviewed by: Jake Pfohl (Jasper Certified Expert)

Let’s dive into this Jaspert Art review and answer some of your questions.

Jasper Art Review by Jake Pfohl Jasper Certified Expert

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What is Jasper Art?

Jasper Art is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to generate original images based on a text description you input. You can create anything from sketches, paintings, 3D animations, and so much more with a simple input. Whether you want to draw an old photo or paint a futuristic world, Jasper Art has you covered.

What if I let Jasper describe Jasper Art in his own words? Take it away, Jasper!

Hi, I’m Jasper. I’m an artificial intelligence robot that can instantly generate realistic images and amazing art from human prompts. I can draw sketches, paint art, generate images, render 3D animations, and so much more based on your creativity. Use me to generate your ad creative, video thumbnails, website images, book illustrations, or simply a starting point of graphic design to give direction to your creative team. Trust me, I’ll never disappoint you with my art skills. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Yes, a robot wrote every single one of those words describing himself. Pretty bizarre, huh? ๐Ÿคฏ

If you think that’s impressive, you should check out my full Jasper AI review where I show you how you can use Jasper as your copywriting assistant to help you write blog posts, social media posts, emails, and more.

My Experience With Jasper Art

Before we get into my Jasper Art review, I want to share my experience with the product.

First of all, Iโ€™ve been a paying customer of Jasper Art since August of 2022, the day it was released.

Jasper Art Subscription Active

Since then, I’ve been paying for a Jasper Art subscription (which costs $20/user/month).

Also, as mentioned in my full Jasper AI review, I’ve been using the Jasper AI product since March 2021, only three months after it was released.

After paying for Jasper AI monthly for a few months, I switched to paying for Boss Mode annually which saves you $240/year.

Then, I purchased Jasper Art as soon as it became available because I couldn’t wait to use it.

Jasper AI and Jasper Art Invoice History

So, I’ve paid over $2,760 for Jasper AI and Jasper Art so far, and it’s been worth every penny and then some. I use Jasper AI to help me write content for my blog, my social media posts, and emails that I send out.

Now, I also use Jasper Art to help create original images for all that content. It’s a perfect duo.

Combined, these two tools have paid me back 10x over because I’ve used them to help me create product reviews that generate tens of thousands of dollars in monthly passive income.

If you want to learn more, you can read how to write a perfect product review that makes $1503/month, where I talk about how I use Jasper for both AI writing and image generation.

I have extensive knowledge of the products and have created some of the best Jasper tutorials to teach new users step-by-step how to use Jasper to help you grow your business:

Who is the team behind Jasper Art?

The team behind Jasper Art is the same team behind Jasper AI.

The Jasper Art team consists of over 80 talented team members including Dave Rogenmoser (CEO), John Phillip Morgan (CTO), Chris Hull (COO), Austin Distel (CMO), Megan Johnson (Client Success), and James Morgan (The Script Master).

Jasper AI Squad Team

When I first started using Jasper AI, the team consisted of less than 10 people. Now, there are over 80 super talented team members.

Let’s just say the Jasper team has built some incredible products and they know what they’re doing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who should use Jasper Art?

  • Bloggers โ€“ If you are a blogger like me, Jasper Art is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal. By using Jasper Art, you can generate original images that can be used as your featured images or images you add throughout your blog post content.
  • Digital Creators โ€“ If you are a digital creator, you can use your creativity to tell Jasper what you’d like him to generate and watch as he creates high-quality original sketches, paintings, and so much more to be used in your work.
  • Marketers โ€“ If you are a marketer, then you are going to love the fact that Jasper Art can create interesting images that instantly hook people as soon as they see them. You can use Jasper Art to create captivating images for ads across social media.
  • Agencies โ€“ If you are an agency that focuses on creating content for others, why not use your Jasper Art assistant to help you create images at scale? There are countless uses for Jasper Art as you’ll read below, plus you can generate unlimited images. Can’t beat that!

How does Jasper Art work?

Simply put, Jasper Art works by using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate original, royalty-free images through simple text input, which can be used for blog posts, social media posts, ads, emails, and more.

In the background, Jasper Art is using DALL-E 2 (a machine learning model), which was developed by OpenAI, to generate realistic, digital images from natural language descriptions. It uses a version of GPT-3 (which Jasper AI uses) which is modified to generate images. DALLE-2 was announced in April of 2022.

Sounds pretty technical and confusing, right?

Don’t worry. Jasper Art is very simple to use. You can create anything you can imagine with Jasper Art as long as you can describe it in 400 characters or less.

Welcome to Art School You Imagine it Jasper Creates it

Here are the 3 simple steps of how Jasper Art works:

Step 1: Describe the image you want to create

First and foremost, you have to describe the image that you want Jasper to create.

Keep in mind that this step is crucial because the input that you give Jasper will determine how good the output of the image is.

How to Use Jasper Art Describe the Image You Want to Create

If you use only a few words and don’t give Jasper much to work with, chances are your image will look like a 2-year-old painted it (which may be what you want ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

The more descriptive you can get, the better.

The Jasper Art walkthrough shows a modal giving you ideas of how to describe the image.

Using keywords is critical to creating high-quality images with Jasper Art.

Here are some keyword ideas provided by the Jasper team:

  • Subject (Animals, Objects, Characters, Landscapes)
  • Background/Scene (Close Up, Portrait, Wide-Angle, Clean)
  • Lighting Details (Warm, Black and White, Studio)
  • Modifiers (Insane Resolution, Photorealistic, 4k, 8k)

Also, make sure you use commas to separate keywords.

So, for example, say you want to create an image of a beautiful lawn with a home surrounded by trees in the background on a sunny day.

Let’s see if we can use descriptive keywords to get the desired result.

In Jasper Art, I typed the following:

perfectly manicured lawn, beautiful 1920s craftsman style home surrounded by trees in the background, POV from the sidewalk in front of the house, sun is shining, bright, blue sky, highly-detailed

Here is one of the images Jasper Art generated on the first try:

Jasper Art Craftsman Style Home Perfectly Manicured Lawn Example

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Every time you tell Jasper to generate images, you’ll get four images at a time which is a nice perk.

Jasper Art Description Craftsman Style Home With Perfectly Manicured Lawn Images

Even though we can generate images with only a single text description, let’s move on to step 2, where we can select image styles to further define the images we want to create.

Step 2: Select image styles

After you have filled in your image description, you can create your image right now if you wish.

However, what if you want to get even more detailed? That’s where image styles come in.

Jasper Art gives you a ton of various image styles and inputs to choose from:

  • Image Style (3D render, illustration, abstract, etc.)
  • Image Medium (Canvas, charcoal, classic oil, pencil sketch, etc.)
  • Artist/Style (Dr. Suess, Picasso, South Park, Van Gogh, etc.)
  • Mood (Angry, colorful, exciting, thought-provoking, etc.)
  • Keywords (Black & white, close-up, highly-detailed, photorealistic, etc.)

There are tons of various styles/inputs to choose from, so let your imagination go wild!

You have nearly endless combinations that you can mix and match to create an image that’s either very realistic, bizarre, or anywhere in between.

Let’s keep the same exact description from step 1 which was this:

perfectly manicured lawn, beautiful 1920s craftsman style home surrounded by trees in the background, POV from the sidewalk in front of the house, sun is shining, bright, blue sky, highly-detailed

But what if we add two different image styles to it? Let’s change the Image Medium to “Classic oil” and let’s change the Artist/Style to “Van Gogh.” What will happen? Let’s see…

Jasper Art Demo Craftsman Style Home Manicured Lawn Van Gogh Style

Wow! Very similar results to the image shown in the first step except now the style of the image has completely changed to look like Van Gogh painted it!

Jasper Art Example Craftsman Style Home Manicured Lawn Van Gogh Style Images

Jasper Art is insanely impressive if you ask me. And to think that this tool is only going to keep getting better and better as time goes on…

Step 3: Generate art

Now that you have your image description filled out and your (optional) image styles chosen, it’s time to let Jasper generate some art!

Click on the “Create” button and watch as Jasper generates four images for you within about 5 seconds.

The best part is that you get unlimited image generations so you can keep pressing the create button until you get exactly what you need.

If you want some inspiration for images to create, check out the Jasper Art Gallery to see the incredible creations others have made!

Jasper Art Examples and Demos

Iโ€™ve really talked up Jasper and his ability to generate incredible AI images in this Jasper Art review, so why not show you what he can do by showing some real examples and demos?

Here are some of my favorite Jasper Art images I’ve created.

I got the inspiration for many of these images from the Jasper Art Gallery.

Botanical Illustration:

Jasper Art Demo Example Botanical Illustration

Futuristic car:

Jasper Art Example Demo Futuristic Car Neon Lighting

Wildflowers with mountains in the background:

Jasper Art Example Wildflowers and Mountains

Did you know you can even use a single emoji to generate images? What if I only provide Jasper with a taco emoji… do you think he’ll show tacos? He sure will!

Jasper Art Use Emoji as Input to Generate Images

All from a single taco emoji… ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿ˜‚

But let’s not talk about those hands in the first image… ๐Ÿ˜ณ Jasper Art currently has a tough time creating realistic-looking eyes and body extremities. Fortunately, this is something that will improve with time!

What will you create with Jasper Art?

Jasper Art Pricing – How much does it cost?

Jasper Art is included with every Jasper AI plan, starting at $39/month for a single seat. You have access to unlimited image generations, which are royalty-free.

Jasper Art Pricing Sign Up CTA

If you want to try Jasper Art for free, they allow you to generate 200 images during the free 7-day trial. So, give it a shot and see if you like it!

If you haven’t seen what Jasper AI can do to generate copy for your blog posts, social media posts, emails, and more, definitely check out my Jasper AI review.

You get everything Jasper offers in their $39/mo Creator plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited Jasper AI words generated
  • Unlimited Jasper Art images generated
  • Jasper Chat similar to ChatGPT
  • Access to 50+ copywriting templates
  • 1 Brand Voice
  • 50 Memories
  • Much more
Jasper Art Pricing Plan and Reviews

Once you’re on the 7-day trial or have paid for a Jasper plan, log into the app.

In the Jasper app, you will see an item in the sidebar that says “Art.”

Jasper Art Option In App Sidebar

Click on that to launch Jasper Art, where you can generate unlimited original images with AI. Let your imagination go wild! ๐ŸŽจ

Who owns the images Jasper Art creates?

One of the most common questions people are asking is “Who owns the images that Jasper Art creates?

Luckily for you, the Jasper team wrote up an entire article on using Jasper Art for commercial use which covers many legal questions you may have.

You can use the images generated by Jasper in any free or commercial projects.

That being said, you also have to respect the copyright of others.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using any images that use the likeness of a person, brand, or other copyrighted entity.

So, I wouldn’t generate and use images of identifiable people, logos, etc.

Instead, I would suggest being more generic when generating images of people, designs, and other similar items.

For example, I would generate an image of “an old man in his 70s with a white beard and blue eyes” rather than specifically having Jasper mimic the likeness of some identifiable person.

Also, since Jasper Art is publicly available to the Internet community, the images you create are publicly viewable and can be remixed by anyone. Therefore, others can take your images and do whatever they want with them.

Additionally, others can reproduce images similar to yours using similar inputs and they can also use those images for any free or commercial projects.

The legality of AI-generated images is a gray area that is being navigated.

As always, contact a lawyer if you are concerned about whether or not you can use an image for a personal or commercial project.

Jasper Art Support

Even though Jasper Art is extremely impressive, it’s also just as important that it’s backed by a solid support team in case you need help.

The Jasper team has grown like crazy and they have a rockstar support team to help you out.

I have contacted Jasper support a few times and have received a response within 20 minutes on average, which is very fast for email support.

Need Jasper Art support? Just email

While using Jasper Art, you’ll see there is a floating help button in the bottom right that you can click to get quick help.

Jasper AI App Need Resources and Get Support

You have the option to view Jasper 101 training, ask the community, join a live Q&A call, or get support.

If you click the โ€œGet supportโ€ button, it will open a page to get instant answers through Jasper documentation help articles.

Jasper AI Support Instant Answers

All in all, it’s safe to say that the Jasper team will be there to help you out if you need any help with Jasper Art or Jasper AI for writing.

Jasper Official Community – Thriving Facebook Group

After you have signed up for Jasper Art, make sure to join the official Jasper Facebook Community where you can see all of the latest updates directly from the Jasper team, learn how to use Jasper Art to create better images, and connect with other bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Jasper Official Community Facebook Group

The Jasper Official Community now has over 65,000 members and is growing FAST.

Having a strong, thriving community is one of the best perks of using Jasper. You have tens of thousands of other users who you can learn from and help out. It’s a beautiful thing!

Jasper Art Alternatives

I have tried several AI image generation tools and none of them come close to Jasper Art.

For example, tools like Craiyon (formerly DALL-E mini) took over a minute to create results and the results were very low quality.

Other tools like NightCafe Creator created slightly higher quality images than Craiyon. However, it would only create one image at a time, had a poor user interface, and the quality still didn’t come close to Jasper Art.

It’s safe to say that Jasper Art is currently the best AI image generation tool on the market right now for several reasons:

  • Highest quality images
  • Extremely slick user interface
  • Very fast image generation (5 seconds)
  • Several image inputs to get the perfect image
  • Thriving community
  • Reliable support team

Final Thoughts – Is Jasper Art worth it?

Yes, Jasper Art is worth the price and is only going to get better. For only $20/month per user, it’s well worth the price rather than hiring someone to create images for you.

Some people prefer to buy subscriptions to stock image apps for their blogs and other content, but I’ve never been a fan of using stock images for blogs.

Why not just purchase Jasper Art and get unlimited image generations of royalty-free images? Jasper Art is way more valuable than having a limited library of stock images that thousands of other users are using for their content as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What examples can I use Jasper Art for?

Jasper Art allows you to create any image you can imagine with a simple text description. Common use cases include generating captivating images for blog posts, social media posts, ads for social media, or emails.

Does Jasper Art create original images?

Yes. Jasper Art creates completely original, royalty-free images that can be used in any free or commercial projects. You do have to be careful with copyright and it is not recommended to create images in the likeness of identifiable people, logos, or other copyrighted entities.

Jasper Art Review 2024: Can a Robot Generate Original Photos?

In this Jasper Art review, I will cover all your questions about this revolutionary image-generating software using the power of AI.

Price: 20

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: AI Software

Editor's Rating:

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