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Start Blogging 101 is a website that teaches ANYONE how to create a blog in under 20 minutes with an easy step-by-step process.

Start Blogging What to Blog About


Decide WHAT to blog about

Start Blogging Choose Blogging Platform


Choose a blogging platform

Start Blogging Find Web Host


Find a web host to host your blog

Start Blogging Pick Domain Name


Pick the domain name for your blog

Start Blogging Install WordPress

Step 5

Install WordPress on your blog

Start Blogging Install Blog Theme


Start blogging!

Step 1 – Decide WHAT to blog about

The very first step you have to take before you start blogging is decide WHAT you are going to blog about. What are you passionate about? What hobbies do you have? What do you enjoy talking about with other people? Choose a niche topic that you can focus on, and stick with it!

Ideas for blogging

Tech blog
Fashion blog
Makeup blog
Travel blog
Fitness blog
Photography blog
DIY projects blog
Nutrition blog
Gaming blog
Home blog

Blog about

Tech BlogPhotography Blog
Fashion BlogDIY Blog
Makeup BlogNutrition Blog
Travel BlogGaming Blog
Fitness BlogHome Improvement Blog

There are SO many things you could blog about.

  1. Choose a niche topic for your blog (1 or 2 related things)
  2. Make sure you have enough content to blog about (both now, and in the future)
  3. Move on to Step 2!

Step 2 – Choose a blogging platform

The second step you have to take is to choose which blogging platform you’re going to use on your website. This step should be fairly easy and was a 10 second decision for me before I started blogging. Around half of the total websites out there running blogs use WordPress. Unless you know that you want something other than WordPress, definitely go with WordPress. Other alternatives to WordPress include Joomla, Drupal, Ghost, Tumblr, etc.

For this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to install WordPress when we get to step 5. WordPress is the blogging platform I use on all my sites and I highly recommend it.

Why WordPress?

  1. WordPress itself is completely free
  2. WordPress is very easy to use and learn
  3. There are currently over 75,000,000 active sites using WordPress
  4. With 48,000 plugins and counting, it’s extremely easy to expand its functionality
  5. There are over 1,600 free themes to use along with many other amazing paid themes
Active Sites



Step 3 – Find a web host to host your blog

Now that you know what you’re going to blog about and have decided on a blogging platform, you have to choose a web host to host your site and files.

There are tons of different web hosting companies out there that you could go with. However, I have been blogging for years now and certain companies are definitely way better than others. I have switched hosting companies twice in the past because the companies I was with became awful – terrible support, slower sites, etc.

In 2016, I switched to SiteGround for my hosting company, and I couldn’t be happier. I would 100% recommend SiteGround over companies like HostGator or Bluehost (who I used in the past).

Why SiteGround?

  1. SUPPORT – They have the BEST support and quickest reply times, hands down.
  2. PERFORMANCE – Websites being run by SiteGround have FASTER loading times and better performance than 11 other common hosting companies.
  3. SECURITY – Websites being run by SiteGround are much SAFER and are much less likely to be hacked into.

Start Your Blog With SiteGround

Enough chatter – let’s start getting your blog set up! First, go to SiteGround’s web hosting page or click the button below (link opens in a new window so you can follow along).


*Note: For best results and to get done quicker, you should follow along on a laptop or desktop!

Once you are there, you will see the page shown below:

WordPress Web Hosting Plans

These are the different plans you can purchase. If you only need ONE website, choose the StartUp plan. However, if you plan on having multiple websites hosted on the same plan, choose the GrowBig plan. For this tutorial, I will be choosing the StartUp plan. Click GET STARTED on the plan of your choosing.

Step 4 – Pick the domain name for your blog

Now it’s time to pick the domain name you want for your blog. For example, this site is – that is my domain name. You have to come up with your own, unique domain name for your site. If you don’t already have your own domain name, make sure the “Register a New Domain” option is selected. Then, fill out whatever domain name you want for your blog.

Keep in mind, each domain name can only be owned by one person so you have to find one that isn’t already in use. Lastly, make sure the “Domain Registration” box is checked (SiteGround gives you FREE domain registration for the 1st year and saves you $15 which is a nice perk!). Reference the image below if you need help.

Start Blogging Choose Domain Name

Once you have your domain name filled out, click the PROCEED button.

Fill out Account and Payment Information

After clicking the PROCEED button, you should be presented with the last step where you fill in your account, client, and payment information as seen below.

Your Account Information will be the login details you use for your SiteGround account. The Client Information is simply information about you so they know who the account is tied to. Lastly, the Payment Information is where you will enter in credit card information to pay for the hosting. After you have done that, move on!

Fill Out Account and Payment Information

One last section before moving on! After you have filled out your account, client, and payment information, the last section to complete is the Purchase Information. Here, you will see the Plan listed that you selected in Step 3.

IMPORTANT: You have to choose the Period of time that you want to purchase hosting for. Keep in mind that after your initial period is over, the price goes to the “Regular” price listed. So, if you know that you are going to have a blog for longer than a year, you would be smarter to purchase 2 or 3 years right off the bat because you’ll save money. However, if you want to just do a year to start off, choose 12 months as your Period.

The very last part to complete before paying is to decide which Extra Services you want. The first one which is the Domain Registration already comes FREE for the first year (saves you $15!). I would highly suggest getting Domain Privacy. It’s only $1/month extra and your personal information will be protected. If you don’t have Domain Privacy, anyone can do a WHOIS lookup on your site and see who owns the site (first name, last name, address, phone number, etc). Having Domain Privacy masks this data and prevents snoopers from seeing it. Lastly, the HackAlert Monitoring is NOT worth it in my opinion because there is a plugin you can add to your site later that is 100% free and does the same thing plus way more.

Blog Web Hosting Purchase Information

After you have everything filled out (reference the image above if you need help) make sure the checkbox that says I confirm I have read and agree to the SiteGround Terms of Service is checked and hit Pay Now. Time for Step 5!

Step 5 – Install WordPress on your blog

You’re getting close! Now that you have purchased your domain name and have a web hosting plan, all you have to do is a little set up work, and then you can start blogging! This step involves installing WordPress onto your new site. WordPress is the blogging platform that you (hopefully) chose to use back in Step 2. Unless you have reasons for going with a different blogging platform, WordPress is the way to go. Millions of sites are set up using WordPress. Here is how to install WordPress on your blog:

Once you have paid, you should receive an email to the email address you provided in the Account Information back in Step 4 that gives you details of how to access your Customer Area. It should look like the image below:

SiteGround Web Hosting Email

Hit the Login to Customer Area button in your email and you will get brought to SiteGround’s site to login. Login using the Username they gave you and the Password that you entered into the Account Information back in Step 4.

Once you are logged into your Customer Area for the first time, the SiteGround Account Setup Wizard should appear which will guide you through getting WordPress installed on your site.

Choose that you want WordPress and then move on to the second step which is shown in the image below:

Start Blogging WordPress Account Setup

Here, you will get to choose the login details for WordPress. For your Admin email I would just use the same email address that you used in the Account Information back in Step 4 (unless you want it to be different).

For the Username box, choose any username you’d like, but please please do NOT make it “admin” or anything along those lines for security purposes. Hackers have a better chance of getting into your site if you make it obvious. Make it something other than admin.

Lastly, choose a Password that you want to use (it could be the same password you used in the Account Information back in Step 4, but I like to make separate passwords for security purposes). Please make a strong password so you are the only one ever accessing your WordPress account.

After you have filled that out, it might have you choose a Theme. If it does, feel free to choose one that you like, but I will have more articles about choosing your theme in the Additional Resources section. Move on to the next step, and you should see the image below:

Start Blogging WordPress Setup

You should also receive a new email that looks like the image below:

How to Start a Blog WordPress Installed

You now have everything you need to move onto the final step – Step 6!

Step 6 – Start blogging!

Congratulations! You have made it to the last step. All that you have left to do is login to WordPress and START BLOGGING! If you look at the last image in Step 5, the email you received gives you the Admin URL that you need to go to in order to log into WordPress. It should be at When you go to that URL, you should see a login box like the one shown below:

Start Blogging WordPress Login

Fill in the Username that is shown in the email you received along with the Password you specified during the WordPress setup in Step 5. Once those are filled in, click Log In!

You will be presented with the WordPress Dashboard as seen in the image below:

Start Blogging 101 WordPress Dashboard

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. You are now all setup with your own blog and ready to start blogging and posting blog posts for the world to see!

There is an Additional Resources section under this that I will continue to update with more in-depth articles of how to spruce your blog up, make money from your blog, choose the right theme for your blog, and more.


Additional Resources

Now that you are all set up and ready to start blogging, check out these Additional Resources below to further customize your blog and make it better!

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