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Does this sound like you?

You’ve dreamed of making money online, but something is always in the way…

Lack of Knowledge

You have no experience with web design or coding. The thought of setting up a blog is a daunting task that overwhelms you to no end.

Not Enough Time

Creating a website from scratch can be a lengthy process, especially if you are juggling other responsibilities like a full-time job or a family.

Too Many Options

Everybody has a list of the “best” WordPress tools. There are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. What in the world do you use?

No Commissions

You’ve heard of affiliate marketing and written some blog posts, but have no idea how to rank high on Google or optimize your posts to increase commissions.

Content Struggles

You struggle creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content that Google loves, especially if you’re new to writing or blogging.

Poor Site Performance

Passing Google’s Core Web Vitals seems impossible. You feel you’ll never have a fast site or get that coveted Google ranking boost.

Trust me, I’ve been there…

From pizza boy to running a thriving six-figure blogging business.

My first job was making pizzas at Papa John’s. I started the day I turned 16 years old. Don’t get me wrong, flipping the pizza dough up in the air was an absolute blast, but making minimum wage ($5.15/hour at the time) wasn’t going to cut it.

I always had dreams of becoming my own boss and having the time freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want. I didn’t stumble upon blogging until I was 25 years old, but once I did, my whole world turned upside down.

I discovered the power of affiliate marketing and how I could write blog posts that generate passive income while I sleep, and I’ll teach you step-by-step how to do the same.

Jake Pfohl Headshot
You’ll learn all the Blogging Secrets I’ve used to…
  • Write a single product review that makes $1000+/month
  • Outrank massive media sites such as Forbes and CNET with a Domain Rating (DR) < 30
  • Gain featured snippets for competitive keywords less than 48 hours after posting
  • Massively increase CTR (Click Through Rate) with strategic product boxes
  • Create effective popups that increased affiliate commissions by $1,335/yr for a single product
  • Decrease the time it takes to write a post by 83% using specially crafted AI prompts
  • Generate 10x more revenue with only 10% of the traffic as the first blog I built
  • Get perfect 100/100 scores on mobile for Google’s Core Web Vitals, leading to a Google ranking boost
And you can do all of this…
  • WITHOUT needing to build a site from scratch
  • WITHOUT needing hundreds of thousands of visitors every month
  • WITHOUT guest blogging
  • WITHOUT buying links
  • WITHOUT cold outreach
Introducing the Start Blogging Collective

Everything you need to succeed online

The Start Blogging Collective is not just a bundle, it’s a blueprint for success.

1. Start Blogging Themes

Save hundreds of hours not needing to build your website from scratch.

Core Pages

All the Core Pages you need to start your website, including Home, About, Contact, Blog, and more. Predesigned to perfection.

Blog Post Outlines

Entire blog post outlines so you can start blogging ASAP, ranking on Google, and generating passive income while you sleep.

Customizer Settings

We fine-tune the settings for each theme to work perfectly with the setup. Your header, sidebar, blog post layout, and even the comments.

Other Pages

You’ll get a “Linktree” type of page for your social media bios and a “Coming Soon” page you can enable while building your site.

Custom Elements

Want an affiliate disclaimer on all your blog posts? A custom sidebar or footer? We include custom elements you can integrate from the start.

AI Prompts

Gain a massive advantage over your competitors by using integrated AI prompts to help generate content for you (AI tool required).

Start Blogging Themes Discover Card Product Image
Start Blogging Themes Rewind Card Product Image

2. Start Blogging Blocks

Transform your site into a revenue-generating machine with 400+ predesigned block templates.

Affiliate Collection

Build affiliate blog posts and increase commissions with alerts, pros and cons, product boxes, table of contents, buttons, CTAs, and forms.

Page Building Collection

Build beautiful landing pages that convert with hero sections, content sections, feature grids, testimonials, pricing tables, FAQs, and more.

Social Collection

Increase your social presence with strategic social proof, CTAs, statistics, and links pages to send people to your most important links.

Full Pages Collection

Extremely powerful full page templates to save you time including core pages, blog post outlines, sales funnels, and more.

3. Start Blogging Mastery

Master the art of affiliate marketing and learn the secrets to generating passive income every month with 40+ step-by-step course videos.

The course contains 10 in-depth modules that allow you to master blogging at your own pace on the Skool platform.

Choose and register the perfect domain name that reflects your brand.

Module Videos

  • What Domain Name Should I Choose?
  • Why Use Cloudflare for your Domain Name?
  • How to Register Your Domain With Cloudflare

Learn how to get set up with web hosting – the foundation of WordPress site speed.

Module Videos

  • Web Hosting Explanation and Comparison
  • How to Sign Up for SiteGround Web Hosting
  • Best SiteGround Web Hosting Settings
  • How to Sign Up for Rocket.net Web Hosting
  • Best Rocket.net Web Hosting Settings

Get your theme and essential plugins installed and configured so you’re set up for success.

Module Videos

  • Kadence Overview (Free vs Pro Features)
  • Recommended WordPress Settings
  • How to Import a Start Blogging Theme
  • How to Connect to the Start Blogging Blocks Library
  • Essential Plugins – Installing/Configuring
  • How to Set Up Google Analytics for Insights
  • How to Set Up Google Search Console

Learn how to supercharge your brand and stand out from the competition.

Module Videos

  • How to Set Up a Branded Business Email
  • How to Use the Kadence Global Color Palette
  • How to Create Your Canva Brand Kit
  • How to Create a Personalized Brand Logo ✨

Find your perfect niche by honing in on your passions and expertise to find profitable opportunities.

Module Videos

  • Find Profitable Keywords With RankIQ
  • A Common Sense Approach to Link Building
  • More videos coming soon…

Dive deep into the Kadence customizer as you build your header, footer, and more.

Module Videos

  • How to Build a Coming Soon Page Before Launch
  • Site Typography Overview
  • How to Build Your Site Header
  • How to Build Your Site Footer
  • Kadence Customizer Deep Dive

Craft beautiful pages quickly using the best design principles so they look great on any device.

Module Videos

  • How to Build Fast Landing Pages With Kadence Blocks
  • How to Build Beautiful Landing Pages With Start Blogging Blocks
  • How to Create Customized Patterns in WordPress
  • How to Use Kadence AI Templates

Learn how to build and customize all the core pages that are essential to have a successful website.

Module Videos

  • How to Build a Compelling Home Page
  • How to Build an Authoritative About Page
  • How to Build an Organized Blog Page
  • How to Build a Newsletter/Lead Magnet Page
  • How to Build a Links Page to Boost Social Presence
  • WordPress Forms Deep Dive for Email Marketing
  • How to Use Effective Sidebars in WordPress

Write blog posts that are core to affiliate marketing – reviews, listicles, tutorials, and more.

Module Videos

  • How to Find High-Value Products to Promote
  • How to Find Favorable Affiliate Programs
  • How to Write a Perfect Product Review That Makes $1000+/mo

Videos Coming Soon…

  • How to Write Great Listicles That Convert (5 Best, Top 10, etc.)
  • How to Write Helpful Tutorials That People and Google Love
  • How to Write an Epic Product Comparison Post

Unlock blogging secrets and advanced tactics for skyrocketing your affiliate commissions.

Module Videos

  • How to Use Kadence Elements for Endless Customization

Videos Coming Soon…

  • How to Create Popups That Annoy Less and Convert More
  • How to Create Enticing Mobile Conversion Popups
  • How to Create Conditional Sidebar CTAs to Skyrocket Conversions

4. Start Blogging Community

Skool Promo Square

Join an engaging community to get help along your blogging journey.

  • Get access to our exclusive Start Blogging Collective Community
  • Community provided through the Skool platform
  • Course + community tightly knitted together for better collaboration, quicker answers, and maximum efficiency
  • Collaborate with other students to share wins, advice, and overcome struggles
  • Mobile-friendly app for easy access on your phone
  • Much better than Facebook Groups (trust me)
Meet the creator…

Hey! 👋 I’m Jake.

I started blogging in 2014 and was just as lost as you probably are. I had no idea how to build a WordPress website, start a blog, or make money online.

Two years later, I somehow managed to reach 30,000 visitors/month. Yet, I had no idea how to monetize my blog, and I was running into some huge issues…

I built my site with a bloated, slow page builder because it seemed “easy.” Then, I started losing all my traffic because my average page load time increased to 17 seconds. 😱

Long story short, I panicked. I screwed up many things trying to fix it and lost about 80% of my traffic. “I’m screwed…” I thought.

But, I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew I could make this work.

I spent years learning about website speed, conversion tactics, and how to actually create a super profitable website by writing affiliate blog posts that drive organic traffic from Google.

I switched from using slow, bloated third-party page builders to running my site on an extremely lightweight, fast framework using the Kadence Theme. My average page load speed went from 17 seconds to 2 seconds. Now that’s fast. 😎

Fast forward to today, where I was able to quit my six-figure software engineering job and go full-time as an entrepreneur, helping others like you to build fast, profitable websites.

I’ve taken my decade of experience blogging and packaged it all into WordPress themes, block templates, and a step-by-step course.

It’s an entire package with all the tools and education that you need to quickly build a profitable blogging business online.

You’ll save hundreds of hours not building things yourself, massively increase conversion rates, and start generating passive revenue while you sleep. It’s a win-win-win.

I hope investing in the Start Blogging Collective changes your life as much as it has changed mine.

To your success,
Jake ✌️

Start Blogging 101 Creator Jake Pfohl
How To Write Product Review FirstPromoter Affiliate Earnings
How To Write Product Review Impact Affiliate Earnings
Product Review Tutorial AffiliateWP Affiliate Earnings
What do others say?

Recommended by WordPress Experts

Read testimonials from happy customers who have transformed their blogging dreams into reality with the help of Start Blogging products.

The team at Start Blogging Blocks has done a phenomenal job of creating highly effective and creative wireframes that are easily customizable.

Built with Kadence Blocks, these blazingly fast templates make building a new site easier than ever before. I love how the blocks from Start Blogging Blocks inherit from my site’s design.

A couple of clicks and they make it look like I spent hours in design and development.

Kathy Zant

Director of Marketing / Kadence

Start Blogging Blocks Logo (Dark)

We’ve been recommending Start Blogging Blocks [in Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Mastermind] for quite some time now. We’ve even seen ROI for our bloggers on their websites.

The SB Blocks team puts in a lot of time and effort to make the blocks look great, so they convert better.

If you’ve been looking for a tool that you can use to create product display boxes, callout boxes, alerts, and all that, I definitely recommend Start Blogging Blocks.

Eddy Ballesteros

Blogging Coach / eddyballe.com

Start Blogging Blocks Logo (Dark)

I’ve been using Start Blogging Blocks for almost a year now. The reason I started using them is because I had a couple of problems. The first is that it was taking me a lot of time to create things like tables of contents, FAQ sections, product boxes, and buttons for various purposes. On top of that, not only was it taking me a long time to create those, but they didn’t look that good. Aesthetically, it was not what they would call “pleasing.”

Then, I came across the Start Blogging Blocks templates. They boosted every single one of my articles as far as the way that they looked and the readability from a viewer’s standpoint. Once I started to implement these templates in my blog posts, my organic traffic from Google shot up seemingly out of the blue. It definitely made my articles much more readable, and I have to think that Google certainly appreciated the effort to make my articles visually better and easier to read.

If I was starting back over again knowing what I know now, and I had to think what tools are a no-brainer to be able to write good, structurally sound articles that look fantastic, Start Blogging Blocks would be #1 for me. I regret that I didn’t know about it sooner, but I’m glad I found it when I did. Once I saw the results from using the templates, there was no looking back. Just a gigantic fan of what Jake over at Start Blogging Blocks has done, and I continue to be impressed by the different templates being released for folks like us who are trying to blog their little hearts out.

Rob Wagener

Fitness Blogger / fizznessshizzness.com

$5,000+/Month Blogger

Start Blogging Blocks Logo (Dark)

Before using Start Blogging Blocks, our blog wasn’t going very far. We weren’t getting a lot of commissions. I was still learning how to blog and I came across Start Blogging Blocks and started using it on our affiliate articles that were already doing OK… the articles were ranking at the end of page 1 on Google, maybe start of page 2. After using the blocks, it was quite amazing. We saw huge increases in our ratings and our articles started doing better on Google. We were doing other things as well, but the blogging blocks made the articles look a lot more professional and we were able to compete with the bigger sites a lot more easily because our site looked more professional.

We use Start Blogging Blocks mainly for product display boxes, pros and cons, or talking about what other customers have said about different products. It makes the blog look a lot cleaner, nicer, things are easier to read, and people are able to see the products a lot more easily.

It saves me time because I don’t need to create any of these blocks myself, which is fantastic. Jake is amazing and he’s always creating new blocks and I know that we’re going to keep using Start Blogging Blocks. We’re super, super happy with it. Thanks, Jake!

Christina C.

Business Owner

$20,000+/Month Blogger

Start Blogging Blocks Logo (Dark)

When Jake released his Discover Theme I knew right away I had to invest. And for the price, it has been incredibly well worth it! My website is now up and running and LOOKING GOOD!!! And it was SO EASY… so so so easy. 🙏🙏🙏 probably saved me hundreds of hours… truly. Not to mention the blog post templates that he included…. My posts will look like I’ve been blogging for years! (Because he has!)

Lauren E.

Sustainability Blogger

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Ready to get started?

Turn your blogging dreams into reality. Secure your package today!

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Everything you’ll get:
$997 Value
Lifetime access to Start Blogging Themes

All current and future Start Blogging Themes.

$447 Value
Lifetime access to Start Blogging Blocks

All current and future blocks we add. License good for 10 websites.

$1,997 Value
Lifetime access to Start Blogging Mastery

The ultimate blogging course (+ get future updates).

$997 Value
Lifetime access to Start Blogging Community

Get access to our premium Start Blogging Collective Community on Skool.

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I’m still curious…

Questions? We have answers.

Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

The Start Blogging Collective is the ultimate blogging package, which includes everything you need to get started and be successful with affiliate marketing in WordPress.

The Start Blogging Collective includes:

  • Lifetime access to all our current and future Start Blogging Themes
  • Lifetime access to Start Blogging Blocks on 10 websites
  • Lifetime access to the Start Blogging Mastery course on Skool (+ future updates)
  • Lifetime access to our premium Start Blogging Collective Community on Skool

We are very proud to host our Start Blogging Mastery course and our premium Start Blogging Collective Community on the Skool platform.

Skool is a community platform that’s optimized for learning. There are no ads, distractions, or noise (unlike Facebook or other platforms). It’s a clean, well-organized place to learn things, make friends, and have fun.

After purchasing the Start Blogging Collective:

  • You will receive instant access to both of our Start Blogging Themes (Discover and Rewind).
  • You will receive instant access to Start Blogging Blocks (all 400+ templates) that you can activate on 10 sites via a license key
  • You will receive instant access to the Start Blogging Mastery course on the Skool platform
  • You will receive instant access to our premium Start Blogging Collective Community on the Skool platform

Since you get instant access to download your themes and license key to access our block library after purchasing, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for the Start Blogging Collective. All sales are final.

Start Blogging Themes and Start Blogging Blocks are built with the 100% free Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks plugin.

That being said, the Kadence Bundles include the pro versions of the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks, which offer significantly more features and customization options for your theme and blocks. A Kadence Bundle is highly recommended for the course.

I will cover some of these pro features in the course and there will also be miscellaneous costs such as a domain name, hosting, and some optional pro plugins, but there will be options for all budgets.

We offer an unlimited license with each Start Blogging Theme. This means you can use a theme on unlimited sites for personal or commercial use by you or for creating client websites as long as you are actively managing the websites yourself.

The Start Blogging Collective includes a lifetime Start Blogging Blocks license that can be activated on 10 websites.

These products cannot be offered for resale on their own, in part, or as a part of a larger project. Distribution of source files is strictly prohibited.

We offer a split pay option on a case-by-case basis to break up the payment over 3 months. If you need split pay, please contact us at hello@startblogging101.com.