If you’re a service provider looking for a versatile and easy-to-use WordPress plugin to manage your reservations or appointments, you definitely want to check out LatePoint. This powerful booking plugin allows you to create an online booking system with ease.

In this LatePoint review, I will cover the following:

  • LatePoint summary
  • Pros and cons of LatePoint
  • How easy it is to setup and configure the plugin
  • Key benefits of Latepoint
  • My honest opinion on whether or not I recommend LatePoint

Let’s get right into it.

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LatePoint Review Overview

Overall, LatePoint is a great booking solution for WordPress sites. It’s fast, intuitive, and has an incredible user interface that will make your site look professional and lead to happier customers who book through you.

With LatePoint you can quickly set up a fully functional online booking page without any coding or programming skills. There are also advanced integration options available so that you can sync LatePoint with payment processors such as Stripe and Twilio for automated text reminders.


Easily set up available time slots and let customers book them quickly.


Allow customers to book any service with just a few clicks.

User Interface

Incredibly beautiful user interface provides a modern, sleek experience.


Integrates with popular payment processors for quick and easy payments.


Automatically update customers when their appointments are confirmed or canceled.


Flexible pricing plans that offer affordable options depending on your needs.

Overall Rating:
4.8 / 5

LatePoint Pros

  • Stunning, modern user interface
  • Super simple onboarding setup
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Flexible customization options
  • Detailed analytics dashboard
  • Mobile-friendly design

LatePoint Cons

  • Pricier than other booking options
  • Dashboard overrides WP experience
  • No custom branding colors
  • Not great for events (yet)
  • No SureCart integration (yet)
LatePoint Review

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My Experience With LatePoint

I have to admit – I hadn’t heard of LatePoint until Brainstorm Force acquired them. That being said, as soon as LatePoint was acquired and hyped up, I knew I had to give it a try.

So, I put the LatePoint WordPress booking plugin through a test drive, and I must say that it is one of the sleekest booking plugins I’ve ever tried.

The UI/UX is stunningly designed (as in, one of the best I’ve seen), and setting it up only took a few minutes thanks to their super intuitive setup wizard (which I cover a little further down).

I don’t know about you, but I love using software that looks nice and provides a really polished experience.

If I were a user coming onto a site to book services and the site was using LatePoint, I would be blown away with how quick and easy it is to set up.

Nobody likes clunky, slow, outdated software to book services. With some booking solutions I’ve seen, I wouldn’t even book online because the experience was so poor.

For example, have you ever booked a hair appointment, dog grooming, in-person fitness training, or dental/doctor appointment online?

What was the experience like? Was it extremely easy to choose which agent/provider you wanted to use? How about finding an available slot? Could you pay online or did you have to do it in person?

All of this is beautifully thought through with LatePoint. It’s honestly one of the coolest booking solutions I’ve seen online and you can book your service, pick your agent, available time slot, AND pay through one simple, beautiful modal.

Being able to directly book an appointment through a site and be done in less than a couple of minutes is HUGE for increasing bookings through your company.

What is LatePoint?

LatePoint Promo Banner

LatePoint is a WordPress booking plugin designed to help service providers easily implement a beautiful and fast booking solution into their WordPress site.

It’s easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and is built for speed so you can quickly get up and running in no time.

Plus, you can launch the booking modal with the click of a button, allowing it to fit perfectly into any website design.

The LatePoint booking plugin offers powerful features that make it simple to manage bookings, payments and customers for services like classes, appointments, events and more.

It lets you create multiple schedules with different time zones, define services and prices, offer discounts or coupons if needed, set availability rules with custom restrictions and trigger automated notifications.

It’s a mature, fully-featured booking plugin and a perfect solution for any service provider with a WordPress site!

Who is LatePoint for?

If you provide any type of service and have a WordPress website, LatePoint is for you.

If you provide any type of service and have a WordPress website, LatePoint is for you.

That being said, let’s go over some examples of who LatePoint is built for:

1. Small Business Owners

LatePoint is the perfect WordPress booking plugin for small business owners who want to streamline their appointment scheduling processes and keep customers updated with automated notifications.

For example, businesses such as salons, gyms, spas, pet grooming, dentists, and doctors can easily set up the services they offer, add their agents, configure their booking hours, and be ready to go.

2. Consultants

The LatePoint plugin is a fantastic booking solution for consultants who offer 1 on 1 services, such as an SEO site audit.

The plugin was specifically designed to make the process of booking and managing appointments easier and more organized.

With LatePoint, consultants can offer a self-service booking experience to their clients, allowing them to book appointments whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

The plugin also allows consultants to set up different pricing plans for different services, so that clients can select the plan that best fits their needs.

Customized pricing plans offer convenient flexibility that is sure to increase revenue for the consultant, along with customer satisfaction of the customers.

3. Event Organizers

As of this writing, LatePoint isn’t the best plugin for events… yet.

But, the Brainstorm Force team has said that they will be prioritizing updating the plugin so that it is a robust solution for handling events.

So, if you’re someone who organizes events and need a robust solution for a WordPress website, definitely keep an eye on LatePoint as they add and update features!

What benefits does LatePoint provide?

The LatePoint WordPress booking plugin is a great way for service providers to save time and money while also increasing customer satisfaction. Here are just some of the benefits it offers:

Intuitive Setup Wizard

One of my favorite things about LatePoint is how simple it was to set up. Their setup wizard is only three simple steps:

Create Your Agents – Add each of the agents that will be handling bookings. If you run a salon, these would be all your stylists. You must have at least one agent in order to accept bookings.

How To Setup LatePoint Booking Create Agents Step

Add Services – Add the services that your business provides. For this walkthrough example, I added myself as an agent offering 1:1 WordPress Consultation services for 60 minutes per meeting. You have full customization over these services, can choose which agents provide those services, and more.

LatePoint Booking Setup Wizard Add Services Step

Set Your Work Hours – Easily configure the works hours that your business is available for certain services. You also have granular control to set custom hours for each agent, service, or location in the admin panel.

LatePoint Booking Setup Wizard Set Work Hours Step

Easily Schedule Appointments

LatePoint allows customers to very quickly schedule appointments with ease. This will lead to more appointments, happier customers, and happier agents with full schedules.

Their powerful booking modal is a perfect example of how quick and easy it is for a customer to book an appointment through your website.

LatePoint Home Page Hero Section Live Demo Shortcode

Here’s a live preview of LatePoint in action directly from the demo on their home page:

How easy is that?! You can do all of these things in less than a couple of minutes:

  • Choose the service you’d like
  • Choose your preferred agent
  • Choose your preferred time based on available slots
  • Enter your customer information (whether you’re a new or existing customer)
  • Pay online quickly (or choose to pay later)

Also, order confirmations are beautifully laid out for customers as soon as they’re done booking:

LatePoint WordPress Booking Plugin Appointment Confirmation Example

For the cherry on top, the customer can then really quickly add the appointment to the calendar of their choice with the click of a button!

LatePoint Booking Confirmation Example Add To Calendar

Now that’s convenient. 😎

Seamless WordPress Integration

LatePoint perfectly integrates with WordPress sites.

Installation and setup are a breeze (only takes a few minutes) and then you can simply use a list of various shortcodes to show buttons, launch a booking modal, or list agents/services.

Let’s take a look at some of these shortcodes in more detail:

Book Button

With the [latepoint_book_button] shortcode, you can easily generate a “Book Appointment” button which, when clicked, will trigger the booking form modal you have configured.

LatePoint Booking Plugin Book Button Shortcode

And yes, for you techies, you can also add a custom CSS class to any button on your site to launch the booking modal which is really nice for any type of page builder!

Book Modal

With the [latepoint_book_form] shortcode, you can show the booking modal anywhere on your website without needing a button to launch it.

LatePoint Booking Plugin Booking Form Shortcode

This is really nice if you have a dedicated “Book Now” page and want to show the modal right when users land on that page.

List of Agents

With the [latepoint_resources items=”agents” columns=”5″] shortcode, you can really neatly showcase the various agents on your website and how many columns you’d like to show.

LatePoint Booking Plugin List of Agents Shortcode

Each agent has their own individual “Book Now” button, which allows customers to choose their desired agent and complete the booking process faster since the agent is already prefilled.

List of Services

With the [latepoint_resources items=”services” columns=”4″] shortcode, you can display a list of individual services in a clean layout.

LatePoint Booking Plugin List of Services Shortcode

Just like the agents list, each service also has a dedicated “Book Now” button, allowing customers to choose their desired service directly from your page and schedule their appointments even faster.

List of Locations

With the [latepoint_resources items=”locations” columns=”3″] shortcode, you can display the various locations complete with Google Maps to allow customers to choose which location they’d like to book with.

LatePoint Booking Plugin List of Locations Shortcode

For example, say you own a hair salon with various locations. In the LatePoint backend, you’d set up the locations of each of these stores and then using the shortcode from above, you could neatly showcase each location on a dedicated page for customers to choose.

Minimize No-Shows and Cancellations

The LatePoint WordPress booking plugin is a great tool for helping businesses and agents minimize no-shows and cancellations, which means more money in your pocket, happier customers, and happier agents.

Nobody likes when customers forget their appointments and don’t show because they never received a reminder.

LatePoint allows you to send out automatic reminders and notifications both to the customers as well as the agents about upcoming bookings.

LatePoint Automation Process New Booking Notification Example

And yes, you can integrate with Twilio using their pro add-on so you can send text messages as well!

This helps not only remind customers to keep their bookings, but also allows agents to know when they have a booking coming up so that they can be prepared in advance.

Notifications are fully customizable, meaning you can add in relevant information such as contact information, booking confirmations, or even payment reminders.

If you’re a service provider, you know how amazing it is to have notification features like this to ensure both the clients and agents are well informed of their upcoming appointments.

Convenient Two-Way Messaging

Another favorite feature of mine in the LatePoint plugin is the convenient two-way messaging.

Say you are a customer who booked an appointment and want to send your agent a quick message.

You can easily send a message through a really nice interface.

LatePoint Booking Plugin Customer Cabinet Messages Example

Then, as the service provider, you will see a new message notification.

Choosing that will show all the conversations you have with customers. You can choose your new message and reply to the customer.

LatePoint Booking Plugin Convenient Two-Way Messaging Agent View

This is a fantastic feature for quick communication which helps reduce phone calls and provides your customers yet another perk.

LatePoint Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

LatePoint offers a variety of pricing plans depending on your needs.

They offer both a Basic and a Pro plan. I personally believe the Pro pricing plan is the way to go since it comes with all 26 of their add-ons.

Here’s a table of LatePoint’s pricing:

LatePoint PricingBasicPro
1 Website$49/year$89/year
5 Websites$170/year$310/year
10 Websites$290/year$530/year

For one website, LatePoint’s Basic plan costs $49/year and their Pro plan costs $89/year.

LatePoint Pricing Plans Basic and Pro 1 Website

For 5 websites, LatePoint’s Basic plan costs $170/year and their Pro plan costs $310/year.

LatePoint Pricing Plans Basic and Pro 5 Websites

For 10 websites, LatePoint’s Basic plan costs $290/year and their Pro plan costs $530/year.

LatePoint Pricing Plans Basic and Pro 10 Websites

I feel these prices are fantastic for the value you get.

Say you offer services that are $30 per appointment.

After booking 3 appointments for the entire year, you’ve already paid for the Pro plan on one website.

Not to mention how much easier it will be for customers to book appointments, find an available time, choose the agent they want, and so much more.

LatePoint Alternatives

If you feel that LatePoint isn’t the WordPress booking solution for you, you may want to consider these LatePoint alternatives:

  1. WP Amelia – A powerful WordPress plugin that allows businesses to easily manage appointments, bookings, and client data with its intuitive and modern interface.
  2. Calendly – An online scheduling software that makes it easy to create customized appointment links for customers to book meetings with you.
  3. Acuity Scheduling – An all-in-one appointment booking solution that enables businesses to take full control over their booking process, from scheduling appointments to managing customer records and payments.

Conclusion – Is LatePoint Worth It?

LatePoint is an excellent booking solution that every service provider looking to streamline their business should try. It integrates smoothly with existing WordPress sites, and can handle multiple services and staff members, making it a perfect choice for any size business.

LatePoint stands out from the crowd as one of the best online appointment solutions for WordPress as it provides one of the best user experiences on the market, customizable email reminders, and an array of integration options.

It’s incredibly easy to use and comes in at a very reasonable price point for all the features you get and the 26 additional add-ons.

If you’re looking for a super robust, modern booking solution for your WordPress website, I highly recommend checking out LatePoint.

Have you tried LatePoint as a booking solution on your WordPress website? If so, what do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Frequently Asked Questions

The LatePoint WordPress booking plugin is designed to be highly customizable, providing users with a vast amount of options to customize their booking system to their exact needs, regardless of the type of service you provide.

Yes, the LatePoint WordPress booking plugin integrates with several popular services like Google Calendar, Zoom, and Twilio, allowing users to easily sync up their appointment bookings with external services.

The LatePoint plugin supports numerous payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more, allowing customers to pay for appointments with ease.

Absolutely! Setting up staff/service providers requires only a few clicks and all of their information can be added quickly and easily within the plugin settings page.

LatePoint Review 2024: Best Booking Plugin for WordPress?

In this LatePoint review, I'll show you why LatePoint is one of the best WordPress booking booking plugins and why services providers should consider using it for their business.

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